How do you taste Wine?

Wine tasting has always been something near and dear! While I do know the basic ABC’s of wine tasting, it seems that in most instances our tasting methods are either modified and brief or non-existent!

To really get to know a wine we really need the discipline to follow the ABC’s of wine tasting, which are very simple ……….. the 5 S’s! Swirl, Sniff, See,Sip, and Summarize!!

Swirl: Hold the wine glass by the stem, swirl the wine in the glass to release the aromas.

Sniff: Hold the wine glass up to your nose and put your nose into the glass and inhale the aromas. You may be able to identify basic aromas such as fruity or earthy or identify specific aromas such as blackberry, citrus, apple, etc.

See: Hold your glass against a white surface and see what color the wine is. The color provides insight into the age of the wine.

Sip: This is in my opinion the most important step. Take a small sip of the wine and swirl it inside your mouth, letting it hit all areas of your tongue. Then suck a little of the wine through your teeth to allow a little air to mingle with the wine …… then swallow the sip and identify what you have experienced.

Summarize: The last step is to summarize your experience. Make note of what you enjoyed or did not enjoy about the wine. The bottom line is very simple …….. do you like the wine and will you drink it in the future!

During future posting we will go more in depth about each tasting step as well as covering various grapes and wines. Make sure you are linked to for blog updates. Also please share with your friends.

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