Wine Tasting – “See”

As I shared earlier there are the five “S’s” of wine tasting: See, Swirl, Smell, Sip, and Summarize. The next series of posts will go a little more in depth as to how each should be used in tasting wines.

After you have poured yourself a glass of wine you need to “see” the wine ….. what is its color and translucence. The color and translucence will provide you clues as to the grape variety, the style, and the age of the wine. We normally think of wines as red, white, and rose’ ……. however there is an entire spectrum of colors that wines can show: ruby, garnet, brick, tawny, violet, pink, peach, salmon, straw, gold, green, and many more. Wines can also show pale, medium, and deep tones of any of these colors. As wines age white wines tend to show deeper colors while red wines tend to lose some of their color.

Make notes of the color and transparency of the wine, note the age of the wine in your notes. As you taste more wines you can compare your notes to see how your knowledge of “Seeing” is progressing.

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