Wine Tasting – Smell

After you have evaluated your wine with your sight and swirled it in your glass, proceed to smell or sniff your wine. Different wines have different aromatic intensities, the best technique is to smell/sniff in three steps …. the chest, chin, and nose test. At each step take a sniff of your wine see what, if anything, you can smell from your glass. If you can detect a smell from your chest the wine is very aromatic. If you have to stick your nose into the glass to smell anything, the wine is usually neutral or muted. Three are currently over 200 or more aromatics commonly detected in wine …… everything from fruits, flowers, and herbs to vegetable, leather and stone! You can with practice learn to identify many of these aromas. What you smell may not be what another person smells. Each individuals own sense receptors may detect smells that others do not. Don’t worry if you can’t smell what you are “supposed to” …… just make notes of the differences.

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