Wine Tasting – Sip

Now the best part ….. Sip! Take a significant mouthful of the wine ….. usually a tablespoon or two. Roll the wine around in your mouth and on you tongue. Note the wine’s flavors and its texture. Do you get an impression of sweetness, sourness, or bitterness? Do the wine’s flavors match up to its aromas or do you detect something different? Do you feel the wine’s weight: a wine that gives a heavier, thicker impression is called a full-bodied wine, while a lighter, thinner wine is called light-bodied. With reds you may detect the wine’s tannins as a velvety or drying sensation on your tongue. Do you get a thermoreaction …. a sense of heat or coolness …. which reflects the level of alcohol in the wine. I personally like to sip some of the wine through my front teeth to provide even more aeration to the wine prior to finally swallowing.

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