Wine Tasting – Summarize

After you have evaluated your wine through sight, smell and sipping, it is time to summarize what you have experienced. Consider elements like the wine’s finesse or smoothness, its balance ….. to various elements work together or do they compete with each other. Is it full-bodied or light-bodied? Did it have a long or short finish ….. how long did the flavors linger? And the finish ….. meaning the impression it leaves once you have swallowed.

You can summarize your thoughts as to the quality of the wine. As your experience grows the more capable you will become at assessing wines and discussing their assessments with others. Remember that everybody has different likes and dislikes, so your evaluation of a wine may not be the same as others.

I always say that the bottom line is ……… did you like the wine and do you want to drink more in the future!

Enjoy tasting your wines and I hope that you learn something from each and every glass that you drink!

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