How did you like that wine?

As some of you know I have decided to pursue a dream of mine ……. and no it’s isn’t the one about flying!! I have had a passion for wine for many years: studying, visiting wineries, sharing thoughts with friends, and even drinking a glass, or bottle, every now and then. That being the case, I am now a “Wine Consultant” at the Fort Oglethorpe Costco ….. and having the time of my life! I work part time, normally Wednesday through Sunday for a few hours in the afternoon. Drop by and visit me when you have a chance.

Now to the question, “how did you like that wine”? A lot of customers are trying new wines based somewhat on input from me. When they return I will ask them “how did you like that wine”? Most of the time I get a response such as it was very good or I don’t remember! Feedback is critical to any wine professional ….. 1) did you enjoy the wine, 2) if so why … was it the nose, the body, the finish, the flavors, value for price paid, etc. 3) if you did not enjoy the wine, again why? Keep notes on individual wines you drink so that you can develop a profile of your likes and dislikes. With this information you and your wine professional can determine which new wines might fit your needs. A small notebook is a great was to capture and then organize your information. While tasting notes, numerical ratings, and reviews are good insights as to what others think about a particular wine …… the only critique, analysis, and rating that matters is your own!! So keep good notes and discuss your preferences with your wine professional as you continue to travel your journey through the wines of Costco!!!


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